Flexible Treatment Programs
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Our Lawn Treatment Programs
As you look through these programs, please keep in mind that we only apply treatments to your lawn when the time is right.
The calendars are only guidelines to show the normal range of application times. Actual applications depend on the needs
of your particular lawn and weather conditions from season to season.
Perf-Turf 4-Step Program
This is our most popular program and the program we recommend for most Central Indiana lawns. You’ll see a noticeable change in color and turf density as compared to an untreated lawn. We believe this is one of the best all around lawncare programs on the market.
3-Step Program
This is the basic broadleaf weed control, crabgrass control, and fertilizer program. This program provides excellent broadleaf weed control and average crabgrass control.  This is a good basic weed control program.
5-Step Program
With this program we add another fertilizer application in late fall to continue to feed the turf going into the winter months. This will promote quick qreen-up the next spring while also helping to build an even stronger root system. With proper irrigation, this program will produce a weed-free, lush, thick green lawn which will get noticed.
Spring And Fall ONLY
This program is for those who just want to control dandelions, buckhorn, clover, and other common broadleaf lawn weeds and are not concerned with controlling crabgrass. The turf will not have a very noticeable color or thickness change. This is a good program if you have a large area of turf and do not want to have to mow broadleaf weeds.
Premium Program
This is our top-of-the line program. This is a complete program that provides exceptional crabgrass and broadleaf weed control. An insecticide is applied to prevent grubs and other damaging insects from feeding on your lawn.
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  • Perf-Turf 4-Step Program
  • 3-Step Program
  • 5-Step Program
  • Premium
  • Spring and Fall ONLY